Gazi Journal of Educational Science (JOGES)
Editor - in - Chief: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman YAMAN

ISSN : 2149-4932

Periodicity : 3 Issues per year 

Months  : February - June - October


The Gazi Journal of Educational Science (JOGES) is an national and an international refereed scientific journal for the publication of research covering education science issues. JOGES is a periodical journal sponsorship provided by Gazi Publisher and published three volume in a year. The scope of the journal is to research topics that are of international and national across educational science issues. The JOGES’s primary goal is to publish the studies with high effect size and this study is to announce the national and international scientific community. Articles in the JOGES include theoretical, descriptive, relational and practical issue. The scope of the JOGES is to research topics that are all of educational sciences and field educational science issues. The JOGES isn’t published for the pure science.

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